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Saturday, March 5, 2016

More Free Books

Amazon is at it again. Our need to read is easy to satisfy with enough free books for a lifetime. Here's one we feel belongs on "AllFreePoop"and should be free. Can you imagine?
Click me! Click me!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Amazon Freebies

Have you ever emptied the laundry and found a soaking wet twenty balled up in those favorite jeans? Well that's almost the feeling you'll get if you go to and type free stuff into their search box.

I tried it and got an 11,032 item response! I was amazed at the items people are giving away. I don't want to send you away from "AllFreePoop" but I thought it only fair to mention it for my readers.

Don't forget I'll be posting new free poop every day and soon I'll be adding other features like social media links for one, with an avenue to all of your favorite hangouts.

So stop by often and come back soon/ I'll be here digging up more free poop and doin my best not to step in any.

Free Poop!

That's right folks, finally a site that refuses to sell anything.
Pledges to take no money from it's users.
Will never ask for a credit card number.
And we'll never call your cell phone at eight in the morning to let you know you've won the Nigerian lottery. (By the way you didn't)


We will however consistently post free poop. The good stuff too. Come by and see all there is to offer in this great world without depleting your bank account or running up those credit card bills. After all we can't all be lottery winners, some of us work hard for our money and here at "FreePoop" we think everyone could use some free poop. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to email us if we've missed a pile.